Portrait of My Family's Cats

My sister adopted two cats Jojo and Athena last year after our old cat Momo died for breast cancer. We had Momo since she was a kitten, so her death was really traumatizing to our family. My sister, especially, couldn't stand the missing feeling of Momo at home. Not long after she brought two cats back. 
I haven't met Jojo and Athena personally since I'm in the U.S. But my sister asked me for a portrait of them for her birthday this year. So here it is:

Sketch Night at Society of Illustrators

Tonight is the second time I attended the Thursday Fashion Sketch Night at Society of Illustrators. I met Bil Donovan, the curator of the event. Turned out he teaches fashion illustration at my school, Fashion Institute of Technology. I just haven't met him till now. I was flattered when Bil asked me if I'd like to model for them in the future. Sounds fun!

Introducing you Hannah!

Hi guys, I know I haven't been posting for like forever, so I don't know how may readers I have left out there. If you're reading this now, I appreciate you stopping by =) I'll pick my blogging up this Summer so you can hear more from me!

So allow me to introduce you to the portrait of Hannah! Hannah is a 13-year-old guide dog of a senior couple who I visit weekly. I mixed quite a lot of molding paste with the acrylic to leave the thick brush strokes on canvas so Michele and Eva can feel it. Michele, the owner said he wants to take the painting to the grave when he passed away. I did this painting for free just for them. Once in a while I like to give back to the people I care. What do you think of this painting? Do you have a pet/family that you cherish so much?

The Root of Hatred is Love

So the one-third of this semester has passed and I just finished this series of 3 illustrations of Grand Central Terminal. I had lots of fun doing it in ink wash; it's my favorite medium.

And you can see there are words on each drawing; together it says: The Root of Hatred is Love. I'm not a writer, but I have had a habit of keeping a journal for 4 years. I jot down whatever flashes through my mind as possible as I can, and maybe there would be 1 out of 1000 is good. So "The Root of Hatred is Love" is what I came up with after a break-up. You know sometimes you try so hard to hate a person, but deep down you actually care about them. This is how I feel. 

I hope you all enjoy my ink wash drawings as much as I do. I believe if an artist puts much efforts in his work, he can invite the viewers to join this intimate journey with him.