October Newsletter

Happy October! While you’re cozy in bed, enjoying the pumpkin spice latte and horror movies, below are the few sketches I did in September.


First is my letterpress stickers design for Ugly Duckling Presse! It’s a small art gig, but I enjoyed it very much and the letterpress printing process.

Also I’ve seen a few movies recently.


Brad Pitt’s performance in Ad Astra is outstanding. I hope he’ll win the Oscar next year.


It: Chapter Two is so much scarier than the first one. The creatures are marvelous and I did not stop gasping during the almost 3-hour length.

Above is a sketch of Pennywise being grumpy with the popped balloon.

The remake of Chucky is named Buddi in the movie as an AI robot. I do like the new setting which echos the issue of modern technology, but Chucky’s new face is like a failed plastic surgery.


The last is Anna Sui’s show at the Museum of Arts and Design. Immerse yourself with the 70’s and 80’s BGM.

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