Finished Works

In The Make of "More Than A Starter Bike"

Happy New Year everyone! This is the last piece from 2018 that I’d like to share with you –my “More Than A Starter Bike” illustration.

This is the final piece of my motorcycle shirt series. With the generous help from my peers, I’m glad I finally put it together. Now let’s see how it changed 360º from the initial sketch!

B&W Refined Sketch 3-01.jpg

As you see, the preliminary sketch is pretty centered, perhaps stiff. It would look fine on a t-shirt, but if I want to stand out from the crowd, I knew I needed to push the envelope.


So from there, I did quite a drastic change. I moved the image to the center and put the texts on two sides, but then the image hindered the flow of the text. I was stuck again.
At this point, my classmate Jacinda suggested, “Why don’t you put the type on top of the image and arrange it in an arch shape because the motorcycle looks like it’s coming out of a tunnel?” BINGO! She gave me such a genius but also obvious idea that sometimes an insider couldn’t see. So there I went making my second change.

I used the reference from the app Skelly and my own motorcycle.

I did the line work traditionally then scanned it into Photoshop for coloring.

More Than A Starter Bike_white_web.png
More Than A Starter Bike_black_web.png

And here you go! As usual I did a black and white version. As a “beginner’s bike” rider, sometimes I feel like motorcyclists have a misconception of '“the bigger the better.” I feel otherwise, a smaller bike can make your ride a breeze in a dense city such as NY, and it definitely handles the traffic better than bigger bikes which often times overheat. Every bike is built for a specific purpose, and I believe Suzuki TU250X is “more than a starter bike.”

In the Make of "To The End of The World"

Hi everybody! Hope you all had a fun Halloween(or not, like me, working as usual.) This week I am proudly presenting the second of my motorcycle graphic t-shirt series – To The End of The World. The idea is to express the freedom and unbounded journey a motorcycle can provide you. I believe that’s the one of the charms many of us fall in love with motorcycles. Sometimes you just want to get away from your daily routines for an hour or two, to the suburbs, to the rural roads, and come back to it with a refreshing mind. That’s the feeling I want to demonstrate here.

This is my initial sketch. I used my own motorcycle for reference.

This is my initial sketch. I used my own motorcycle for reference.

Here’s one of my reference shots. It’s a Suzuki TU250X.

Here’s one of my reference shots. It’s a Suzuki TU250X.

After seeing my initial sketch, my professor suggested to add a skeleton to it to tie the series together.

So I used the reference from Skelly, the app I mentioned last time.

So I used the reference from Skelly, the app I mentioned last time.

To The End of The World_Final_White_web.png
To The End of The World_Final_Black_web.png

As usual, I did a black and white version. After adding the skeleton, I simplified the reflections in the mirrors and added a road of triangle shape to put the scenario more in place.
The t-shirts will be available in the next couple of weeks!

In the Make of "V-Twin Engine At Heart"

Hi everybody! Remember my last post about motorcycle graphic t-shirt designs? Well here I am proudly presenting the finished works! This is the first of the three series. I enjoyed the process of this self-generated project, from researching, brainstorming, sketching to the final execution. I wanted to do this because motorcycle-riding is a new hobby I acquired this summer and I like how simple and straightforward t-shirt design is. So voilà, you got the combination.

B&W Refined Sketch 1.jpeg

This is the initial sketch that you saw around a month ago. Unlike the usual start of most of my works, which is from doodling and some daydreaming. This art actually started with the text “v-twin engine at heart” first. This quote just came to my mind one day then I began to think what illustration could go with it.

Color comp

Color comp

For this design, I decided to go for a retro direction. There’s a lot of images of skeletons in the motorcycle graphic tee’s market, but most of them appear very scary or intimidating to my taste, I like to incorporate skeletons in my drawings because I don’t have to worry about the gender and racial appearance of the figure. It also matches my philosophy.
So after my professor approved the initial sketch, I did a rough color sketch, the one you see above.

Details of the engine

Details of the engine

The engine in my initial sketch is oversized and it feels like a stuck-on to the skeleton, so I found a picture of an engine that looks more like a heart shape, and I warped it in Photoshop.
As for the reference of the skeleton, thanks to my friend Mark, who recommended me an app called Skelly, it has 3-D skeleton and human anatomy which you can turn to almost every angle to get the most accurate perspective of human figure.

And finally! Here are the outcomes. I designed two versions for printing on black and white t-shirt. You also might have noticed that I made the tubes from the engine connected to the skeleton so they feel more like one-piece now.
The t-shirts will be available soon so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy the walk-through of my work in process today.

Vincent van Gogh Loves Dollar Shave Club

This semester we have a fun assignment for our Photoshop class, which is to pick an artwork from an old master and re-dress the person in the painting. I chose one of Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait because I'm always in love with his works and his passion about art (Who isn't I mean?) 

So first of all, this is the original painting:


And then this is my interpretation:

Old Master Dress-Up_web.jpg

So I imagined van Gogh shaving his beard using the razor from Dollar Shave Club. This idea came quickly, I guess it's because I've been watching their commercial on TV and thought it's funny, plus their packaging seems nice. I'm also secretly hoping this work could bring me some advertising jobs!

Below are some screenshots of my work in progress. 

Always blocking out the big colors first, the details come later.

Always blocking out the big colors first, the details come later.

I was thinking about icing on the cake when I was painting the foam, lol

I was thinking about icing on the cake when I was painting the foam, lol

Lastly I made a GIF, I hope you enjoy this blog! I like to share my work in progress and see others too!


The Root of Hatred is Love

So the one-third of this semester has passed and I just finished this series of 3 illustrations of Grand Central Terminal. I had lots of fun doing it in ink wash; it's my favorite medium.

And you can see there are words on each drawing; together it says: The Root of Hatred is Love. I'm not a writer, but I have had a habit of keeping a journal for 4 years. I jot down whatever flashes through my mind as possible as I can, and maybe there would be 1 out of 1000 is good. So "The Root of Hatred is Love" is what I came up with after a break-up. You know sometimes you try so hard to hate a person, but deep down you actually care about them. This is how I feel. 

I hope you all enjoy my ink wash drawings as much as I do. I believe if an artist puts much efforts in his work, he can invite the viewers to join this intimate journey with him.