In The Make of "More Than A Starter Bike"

Happy New Year everyone! This is the last piece from 2018 that I’d like to share with you –my “More Than A Starter Bike” illustration.

This is the final piece of my motorcycle shirt series. With the generous help from my peers, I’m glad I finally put it together. Now let’s see how it changed 360º from the initial sketch!

B&W Refined Sketch 3-01.jpg

As you see, the preliminary sketch is pretty centered, perhaps stiff. It would look fine on a t-shirt, but if I want to stand out from the crowd, I knew I needed to push the envelope.


So from there, I did quite a drastic change. I moved the image to the center and put the texts on two sides, but then the image hindered the flow of the text. I was stuck again.
At this point, my classmate Jacinda suggested, “Why don’t you put the type on top of the image and arrange it in an arch shape because the motorcycle looks like it’s coming out of a tunnel?” BINGO! She gave me such a genius but also obvious idea that sometimes an insider couldn’t see. So there I went making my second change.

I used the reference from the app Skelly and my own motorcycle.

I did the line work traditionally then scanned it into Photoshop for coloring.

More Than A Starter Bike_white_web.png
More Than A Starter Bike_black_web.png

And here you go! As usual I did a black and white version. As a “beginner’s bike” rider, sometimes I feel like motorcyclists have a misconception of '“the bigger the better.” I feel otherwise, a smaller bike can make your ride a breeze in a dense city such as NY, and it definitely handles the traffic better than bigger bikes which often times overheat. Every bike is built for a specific purpose, and I believe Suzuki TU250X is “more than a starter bike.”