The Root of Hatred is Love

So the one-third of this semester has passed and I just finished this series of 3 illustrations of Grand Central Terminal. I had lots of fun doing it in ink wash; it's my favorite medium.

And you can see there are words on each drawing; together it says: The Root of Hatred is Love. I'm not a writer, but I have had a habit of keeping a journal for 4 years. I jot down whatever flashes through my mind as possible as I can, and maybe there would be 1 out of 1000 is good. So "The Root of Hatred is Love" is what I came up with after a break-up. You know sometimes you try so hard to hate a person, but deep down you actually care about them. This is how I feel. 

I hope you all enjoy my ink wash drawings as much as I do. I believe if an artist puts much efforts in his work, he can invite the viewers to join this intimate journey with him.